About Me

My name is Gregory Soileux. I’m a hobbyist based in Dubai. Originally from France, I’ve relocated in United Arab Emirates for work. I currently reside near the vibrant coastal of Dubai. Thank you for visiting my photography blog !

As a hobbyist, my photography is more about documenting my family life, travels, birthday, weekend, all the life things. I’m using mainly a Leica M2 paired with Zeiss or Voigtlander lenses and a Fuji XPRO1 with the same lenses. I also use old russian lenses or Leica R macro. I’m also a huge fan of the 35mm focal length on the X100s. Finding the right bang for the buck spot, trying to spot old cameras because even if technology moves fast, for non paid work, old cameras can deliver… this is one of my interest.

You can checkout my gallery to see the various types of photography I do, and fell free to leave comments.

I am also a husband and father, guitar player, techie, and classic car enthusiast.


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