#2 It started it all, the Fuji X100S

My journey as a hobbyist started 8 years ago during holidays with a Nikon D80. Initially, this camera was used to capture family moments and sometimes landscapes, not more. I was using it with a Nikon f1.8 50mm and a Tamron f4 12-24mm but d 80% of them where taken with the 12-24 almost always at 24mm. It was a heavy combo, not so discreet, and was not my ideal camera.

8 years ago, 2012, the Fuji X100s was launched. This camera succeed the first version, improving on AF and some other topics. Everyone was expecting the X100S, new AF, same sensor, different processor, a better camera. I pulled the trigger, ordered it and leave for WE in Essaouira…. It was a revelation, this was the perfect camera, light, small, inaudible shutter sound, and the jpeg where most of the time ok. It started all.

Essaouira Main Square : Fuji X100s, B&W simulation with red filter

I still enjoy shooting with camera, family times, street photography, landscapes, this my go to camera. In 2020, this is still a strong competitor for the price. Ken Rockwell wrote a very good review on it : https://www.kenrockwell.com/fuji/x100s.htm

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