#3 Never ending process, creativity renewed

Photography is for me a never ending process, learning how to catch a good light, to have the right exposure or a good framing. It’s a long journey, with low and highlights, but so interesting. One of the good thing is that when get bored with a subject, you can easily move to another one just to regain some photography creativity. I’ll try to illustrate this in the next posts of this blog.

This shot, taken in Dubai, was one of those days where you have to go out and make picture. Subject is all about artificial light. Day, night, macro, street, landscape, etc… some many subjects, so little time.. 

Night Shot, Burj Al Arab, Sony A7ii with Konica Hexar 28mm f3.5

But picture can be near your windows like the two shots below, taken in my garden, literally two meters away from my window.

The Bee, Sony A7ii, Leica R 60mm Macro
Verbena bonariensis; Sony A7ii, Leica R 60mm Macro

There are some many ways to reboot your photography like reading a good book and try to reproduce some frames with your subject, focus on one specific focal length, one subject, build a photography blog or website, go find an old and cheap camera to try film. Your photography creativity is unlimited, just listen to yourself, take your time and shot !!!!

Since a long time, I was trying to get back to film to document our family life. For christmas, my wife bought me a Leica M2 (she’s wonderful). This a has been a refreshing way of photographing. We’ll talk about his in the next post.

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