#8 Lens review, the almighty Leica R 60mm F2.8 macro

What a long name, Leica 60mm F2.8 macro, but what a lens… I’m going to spoil you here, I like it a lot and here is why :

the bee and the flower, shoot with a sony a7ii and leica R 60mm f2.8
Sony A7II, Leica R 60mm F2.8

First, disclaimer, I’m only using this lens with Sony A7 cameras, both A7ii and A7sii. It shines on both, sharpness, colors, focus precision, it has all. This lens is good budget-conscious lens if you don’t mind manual focusing. Use it on a mirrorless with focus peaking, magnification and stabilisation, you can get really good shot hand held and a lot of fun !!!

here come the bee, leica R 60mm Macro f2.8
Sony A7II, Leica R 60mm F2.8

One thing that is really interesting with this lens if the color rendition. Most of the time, it’s spot on, and it needs a very little post editing to get it right. Like most of the macro lens, it can also be used for landscape, and it really shines also here. Crisp images full of details, and really colors, this should please all the naturalists.

Sony A7II, Leica R 60mm F2.8
Sony A7II, Leica R 60mm F2.8

I will not list all the technical details of this lens, you can find them here, but in a nutshell, it’s a 60’s design lens, 1:2 macro lens (it focuses 15cm from the front lens) but you can add an adapter to get a 1:1 ratio.

Dubai Metro handheld with sony A7ii and leica R 60mm macro
Sony A7II, Leica R 60mm F2.8

I really love this Leica 60mm F2.8 macro and the way it handles on the Sony A7 bodies, the only flaw is the flare resistance, not so good if the light comes directly in

Leica R 60mm f2.8 macro flare

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